Graphite Board – 60″


Boards are easily machined to provide better connection points utilizing ship-lapped or labyrinth joints.

  • Max temperature 2000C in vacuum or inert gas
  • Low mass
  • Low heat capacity
  • Improved gas barrier and and reflecting with foil added
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Comes 1″ thick standard, with 48″ width, and 60″ length. We also offer insulation board with Grafoil.

Applications for Rigid Board:

  • Vacuum Furnace Insulation (Hotzone)
  • Silicon Crystal Growing Furnace
  • Annealing and Hot Pressing
  • Solar Industry
  • CVD Furnaces


See any of these technical data sheets for further details about the graphite products we offer. If you have any further questions, or prefer to purchase offline, you can contact us directly.

Rigid Insulation
SIGRATHERM MFA – Rigid Felt SIGRATHERM MFA – Rigid Felt Composite SIGRATHERM – Safety Data Sheet