Diffusion 702 Pump Oil

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A general purpose fluid created for rapid pumping of large quantities of gas. It is designed to produce vacuums in the range of 10-5 to 10-7 torr. It is also effective in vapor ejector pumps that attain vacuums of 10-4 to 10-5 torr.


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Diffusion Pump Fluids offer the following benefits

  • Shorter conditioning runs: Single component silicone fluids reach maximum potential in far shorter time than that required for multicomponent organic fluids.
  • Faster pumping: Diffusion pumps using silicone fluids can operate against 50 to 300 percent higher forepressures than those using organic fluids. For higher gas throughput at the high pressure end of the pump’s operating range, heat energy can be increased 20 to 30 percent.
  • Minimal backstreaming: The vapor pressure of single component silicone fluids is so low that the use of traps – or refrigeration of existing traps – is often unnecessary in many applications.
  • Longer service life: Thermal and chemical stability of silicone fluids allows extremely long runs without deterioration or contamination.
  • Cleaner systems, less maintenance required: Low vapor pressure of silicone fluids at baffle temperatures results in low migration rates. Jets and boiler surfaces stay clean; silicone fluids exhibit almost no breakdown or decomposition under operational conditions.
  • Faster cycling, reduced downtime, less frequent replacement: The recovery rate of silicone fluids following exposure to air at operating temperatures is many times faster than that of organic fluids. Time is saved between cycles because the outstanding resistance of silicone fluids to oxidation and hydrolysis allows release of the vacuum without cooling the pump